Original Cashew Cream Cheese | 180g


Original Cashew Cream Cheese | 180g

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Cashew cream cheese is rich in fresh healthful probiotics, comparatively low in fat,  spreads well and is extremely versatile. Add it to almost any cooking to give it a rich delicious flavour including casseroles, quiches, icings, pasta, pizza toppings, baked potatoes, salads instead of mayo etc or just spread it on a bagel for brekkie.

Chive and spring onion cashew cream cheese is an instant crowd pleaser, reminiscent of traditional herby cheeses, this is one you (and your dairy loving friends) will enjoy. Great as a spread on toast, in cooking or as a dip.

Cold processed (raw) organic cashews, Himalayan pink salt, non-dairy origin culture, organic cold processed coconut oil, organic chives, spring onion.