Kaiaroha Tree Nut Cheese is a delicious range of raw, organic, creamy nut cheeses that are not only 100% dairy free but also full of healthful probiotics, nutrient rich and lite on the earth. We have now moved to our awesome new premise in Parnell at NZs only 6 greenstar sustainable building...and are open to serve you amazing vegan food including nut cheese at our Organic Vegan Café and Deli. Come check us out.
Our cheese celebrates traditional cheese making methods and enhances them using pure, organic fresh plant ingredients – an innovative heart-healthy approach that will please your palate with its smooth, creamy, rich aromatics and flavour but also assists you to live a more eco-friendly and animal-friendly life.
Kaiaroha Tree nut cheese is made simply from pure, quality ingredients;
nuts (authentically raw, organic and activated),
salt (quality pink Himalyan salt),
a probiotic culture- completely dairy origin free.
with just a few carefully selected complementary ingredients.
The result is a delicious yet nutritionally rich cheese that is easier for the body to digest and assimilate and better for the planet.

All our cheeses are naturally;
Organic, authentically raw and fresh with no artificial ingredients
Free from dairy, gluten, cane sugar, soy or GMO’s
Cholesterol free with typically less calories than dairy cheese
Rich in omega oils and phytonutrients
Fully probiotic, promoting healthy gut flora
Activated and enlivened nuts full of beneficial enzymes
100% plant based product means environmentally friendly and totally vegan
And 100% free from animal cruelty
We use eco-friendly packaging.

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photo credits: The talented Salome at www.facebook.com/thesoulfulgardenorganisation/ and Alara Varnel

staging: Adele and Rich and their awesome work at www.borrowedearth.co.nz/