About us

Making ethical, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, healthy choices about what we eat should be simple- so we decided to make what we couldn't find..a  real cultured aged dairy free nut cheese -raw but using centuries of traditional knowledge to develop delicious complex flavours, aroma and texture. 
Our cheeses are fully vegan, nutrient dense and perfect for the cheese platter, salad, bagel, baked potato, pasta or gorgeous creation of your choice.
 We believe that what we leave out of our cheese matters as much as what we put in.
We use no animal original cultures or ingredients, gums, renet, fillers, binders, refined sugars, chemicals, artificial flavours, soy, preservatives, gm products, heated nuts or oils etc.
We just use ancient traditional techniques of aging our cheese to develop complexity, flavours and texture and take care to preserve the healthful nature of the cheeses by activating the nuts and crafting the cheese with probiotics as raw products (less than 42 degrees celcius) retaining maximum nutrient benefit and avoiding toxins created by heating oils.
Comments received from some of our customers:
" I'm from South Africa and recently spend two weeks on holiday in NZ. I found your details on Happy Cow and paid a visit to your stall at Parnell Farmers Market. I bought some of your nut cheese, muffins and pastries and whow it was out of this world... I had a small round nut cheese. Just loved it......" Roelie P